Zilliqa to shard before Ethereum

While Zilliqa puts the finishing touches on its product, Ethereum is rushing through a quick fix to keep up.

An extract from Ethereum’s github describes their initial sharding phase as a “quick and dirty form of medium-security¹.”


The founder has recently said that phase one “is getting something like being already done,” as reported by CoinDesk², yet there are three more phases to go.

In contrast, “ZILLIQA is a redesign from scratch and has been under research and development for over 2 years³.”

They are launching their mainnet in Q2 2018 which will involve computational sharding.

It is likely that Zilliqa will be the first to achieve sharding on a mainnet yet it remains to be seen if it will stand up to the team at Ethereum over the long term.


Article written by Tim Copeland

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²You can access the Coindesk article here: https://www.coindesk.com/vitalik-first-part-ethereums-sharding-roadmap-nearly-done/


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