Crypto Industry Steals Important Talent from Fiat World

Two high profile individuals have left jobs in the fiat world and moved into the cryptocurrency space. A co-inventor of the domain name system (DNS) for the internet has decided to get involved in a platform that makes blockchains more user-friendly while a South Korean Official has joined an ICO crowdfunding platform.

DNS Co-Inventor Joins Coinweb

A co-inventor of the DNS is joining Coinweb, a multi-layer platform that sits on other blockchains, as an advisor according to a statement made today. Paul V. Mockapetris, with Jon Postel, proposed the DNS which translates domain names into IP addresses in 1983. He will play a role in developing Coinweb’s CNS (Coin Name Service) which brings easy to read and remember addresses to the blockchain to help make blockchain mainstream.

Toby Gilbert, Coinweb CEO said: “We are incredibly excited to have a brilliant and experienced internet pioneer like Paul on board with us at Coinweb. His work with DNS relates directly to our efforts to bring blockchain mainstream by bringing easy to use names to the technology. Paul will work closely with our engineering team in designing and deploying our CNS as a pillar of the innovative Coinweb platform.”

Mockapetris was the program manager for networking at the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the U.S Department of Defense. He has served as chair of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and was a member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).

Coinweb sits on top of other blockchains, turning them into user-friendly blockchains by providing human-readable addresses. The main underlying blockchain it works with is Litecoin but it will also launch on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Once it has launched, it will then integrate with two or three more cryptocurrencies.

South Korea FSC Executive Joins seriesOne

South Korea is one of the leading countries for crypto adoption in the world. They hit the headlines when South Korean officials looked to crack down on crypto activity in the region as it is a booming market.

The former Deputy Director of South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) revealed July 2 he will be joining seriesOne, a fintech company that specializes in crowdfunding through ICOs. Kaine B. Kim will become the Head of Legal & International Development where he will help seriesOne to access the Korean market.

“I’m excited to join seriesOne at a time of rapid expansion for the company as well as the overall blockchain-fundraising space. I look forward to expanding our high-impact deal roster and contributing through my extensive experience and industry knowledge,” said Mr. Kim.

Kim is a US- licensed lawyer and has practiced law in the US, Hong Kong, and South Korea. He has also represented companies including Citibank, Mitsubishi and Samsung and specializes in international law and compliance.

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